The Authors

ChemMine Tools was developed by Tyler Backman, Yiqun Cao, and Thomas Girke.

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ChemMine tools: an online service for analyzing and clustering small molecules.
Backman TW, Cao Y, Girke T
Nucleic Acids Res. 2011 Jul ; 39(Web Server issue): W486-91

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This service was developed with funding from the National Science Foundation (grant numbers ABI-0957099, 2010-0520325 and IGERT-0504249) and the NIH National Institute on Aging (grant numbers U19AG023122 and U24AG051129).

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Privacy Statement

This service aims to protect the privacy of its users. All data provided by the user is stored in a secure space on our server and only used to perform the intended analyses requested by the user. User data or access records are not analyzed, archived, or shared with other users or 3rd parties (except in the case of PubChem search queries, which are sent to the PubChem web service). Once an analysis session by a user is completed, all its records and intermediate files are deleted within 30 days.


Supporting Technology

ChemMine Tools was made possible by the following foundational software (and many others) it is built upon.

  • CanvasXpress
  • Cytoscape.js
  • Open Babel
  • The PubChem Project
  • JoeLib
  • ChemDoodle
  • RabbitMQ
  • Celery: Distributed Task Queue
  • The R Project for Statistical Computing
  • Bootstrap
  • ChemmineR
  • eiR
  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL